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Sword/Gun Original Sketches/Concept

Before I Start: I'm working on the mechanical drawing now. These 2 weeks (9/29 - 10/12) are chocked full of midterms and two 6 page papers. As such, I won't have much, if any, time to work on this project during this time period. I utilize ANY extra time I have to work on it, but no promises.

- = Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post = -

I finally had time so scan these. I'll run through them and translate my chicken scratch.

This first sketch was from all the way back in late February of 2016. The show RWBY had just aired on Rooster Teeth's YouTube channel and I, being a fan of their Red vs Blue series, was curious to see if it was worth my time. Now, I'm not an anime fan, but seeing as how its made in Texas, and that in the first 2 minutes it showed a sniper rifle turning into a scythe and still being able to fire, propelling the user forward to decapitate werewolves, I was hooked. So I made my own rendition of a weapon inspired by the show.

This next one was fan updated, less dirty version of the original. I changed the original idea of it being a solid projectile shooting rail-gun to an energy weapon. The reason being is the issue of loading the thing. In RWBY, Crescent Rose (the previously mentioned scythe) had a magazine well below the front part of the grip. For a weapon whose blade is mounted on one end of a long handle it works fine, but for a weapon that is 70-80% blade (like a longsword) its a problem. Going a bit more fantasy wouldn't hurt. That, and in RWBY there exists "dust crystals" which function as a propellant/battery hybrid. I also changed the hand-guards to be closer to the blades, making the rifle form easier to handle.

This was the final sketch I ever did for the weapon on a large scale. Translation of my chicken scratch below, with some revisions.

In Sword form...

-Crystal charges with each hit so that in rifle form, the crystal can be changed our for a different type, not because it runs out of charge.

-Different crystals will effect the blade's performance:

-Flaming Blade

-Electrified Blade


-Extreme Cutting

(Rifle form on back)


-Green - Not a single shot, constant beam (Healing)

- In Sword form, if thrust into ground, can cause AOE (area of effect) healing zone

-White - Piercing shot (in rifle form)

- Extreme cutting (Sword form)

-Black/Purple - Causes target to have hallucinations

-Direct hits with both forms cause them, but can be deployed at range with rifle form

-Yellow - Causes target to chain electricity to nearby targets

-Red - Standard laser (default form, general performance)

-Orange - Causes targets to burst into flames

-Blue/Light Blue - Freezing

-Hold down the trigger to charge a shot

-The longer the trigger is held, the more powerful the shot and effect/effect radius

-As shot charges the crystal glows brighter

The backside is a bit jumbled because at one point I was going to make this in real life. For the sake of this blog I will go over the important bits pertaining to the model. I will also leave out the information that was already acknowledged above.

-Can Fire shots barely charged as fast as user can pull the trigger

-Can still be used as melee in rifle form (top and bottom of barrel are blades)

-Little recoil (firing heated plasma, not a bullet)

-Diagram below shows recoil of normal gun vs energy

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