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Review of related literature of aloe vera in philippines

Aloe Vera may be an exceptionally compelling and imperative home grown plant in numerous other plants, it gives so numerous restorative exercises and. This article reviews the current scientific research literature regarding Aloe Vera, its uses and place in health and wellbeing. The literature reviewed covers in vivo and in vitro, human and animal, studies. Special attention is given to the question – does Aloe Vera, in particular one of its polysaccharides mannose (mannose-6-phosphate) contribute to or cause glycation? One study reported a significant beneficial effect of aloe vera extract 0.5% in hydrophilic cream compared to hydrophilic cream alone in reducing psoriatic plaques and inflammation, 20 while the other study did not find a significant benefit of 98% pure aloe vera gel versus placebo after 12 weeks. 116 A third study compared aloe vera cream containing 70%. PDF | On Jul 25, 2019, Moh Rozani published Efficacy Aloe Vera In Treatment: A Literature Review | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Home Aloe The steps in making aloe soothing gel are (1) is to cut the edges and the tip of the leaf. (2) Divide the leaf in section to extract the gel easily. (3) Removing the rind, slide the knife under the rind as close as possible. (4) Cut the extracted in smaller pieces and blend it until smooth.

It will start to froth but will go down eventually. (DOC) Chapter 2 REVIEW OF THE RELATED LITERATURE | Joy (PDF) Review on Aloe Vera - ResearchGate (PDF) Review on Aloe Vera - ResearchGate (PDF) Review on Aloe Vera - ResearchGate Effects on skin exposure to UV and gamma radiation: Aloe vera gel has been reported to have a protective effect against radiation damage to the skin. 12,13 Exact role is not known, but following the administration of aloe vera gel, an antioxidant protein, metallothionein, is generated in the skin, which scavenges hydroxyl radicals and prevents suppression of superoxide dismutase. According to the respondents, the effectiveness of Aloe vera is very high, for example 80.8% of the respondents who have ever used Aloe vera have never noted failure in treatment while only 19.2% have had some failure. The highest degrees of effectiveness were reported with wounds followed by abdominal problems, malaria and then skin diseases. Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter presents the related literature and studies to the effects of aloe vera gel, glycerin, and ethyl alcohol-based sanitizer and moisturizer on selected respondents hands in-depth search that is done by the researchers and presented in the following paragraph: Local Literature Aloe barbadensis Mill also known as Aloe vera or in. Table 1: List of article criteria for doing literature review. Inclusion Exclusion Researching must be related to treatment of health problems that use aloe vera Publication only as a letter to editor, abstract only and editorial The researching explains the effect of aloe vera Researching was done to animal Complete text of researching and in english Some people have social network addiction because of their anxiety of communicating with other people personally. In the primary research conducted for this Literature Review in February 2011 a survey, some of the results where that many students at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) see Social Network Addiction as an interest nowadays.

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Review of related literature of aloe vera in philippines

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